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Hello everyone/everypony, how are you all doing? Well, things have been pretty busy for me. With college to attend, getting a learners permit, and my mom getting on my back about getting an income. As I stated before: Busy. So with that, I might have a solution with the income but I might not get started with it until maybe this summer if I can.

So here is what I am thinking (if anyone has any helpful suggestions, please comment them below and I will look into them.): I am going to be looking at the EQD tutorial codex and study the basics on how to draw ponies correctly (along side with my college studies). I will try to post a sketch about every week or so and ask for some constructive criticism on how to improve. Hopefully around beginning of summer or mid-summer, I could start myself off by doing about $5 commissions for sketches. (sounds like a good price to me, but how much do people usually pay for sketches?) After that, I'm not really to sure yet, but maybe I can start looking more through the tutorial codex and learn how to color my little pony's (pun intended) do backgrounds, so on and so forth.

Hopefully, by the end of the year, I will discover what my drawing style will be, doing full commissions and get a type of income for myself. (Wow, now I am grateful that people actually pay for art to be done for them.) That's what I plan so far for my future, but as you know "plan's change." So depending on what goes on in my life, there might not be sketches some weeks, might postpone the commissions until a later date, college project that has to be done, ect. Wish me luck on my future and college and see you when ever I get to posting that sketch.
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Day 1 by Lionwar1996
Day 1
Ugh, I should have uploaded this yesterday but I got a headache and tried to sleep it off. Next thing I know it's six in the morning.

Anyways this is for the newbie artist training grounds (NATG), day 1 prompt "Draw a pony keeping still/draw a pony holding tight."

P.S Those hind legs were a pain to get right.

disclaimer: will be put up when I get on my computer.
Pony Sketches 1 by Lionwar1996
Pony Sketches 1
I did a thing! :D

Well, this took me awhile to finally do. I told you guys I would draw something and about a month went by with nothing. It's time to change that! I'm going to try and post a few sketches every few days, so look forward to seeing some stuff from me.

The numbers are the ones I did in order. I think I like #6, that one looks the best to me.

Anyways, disclaimer time!
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro (or was it Lauren Faust? Let me know in the comments for proper disclaimer in the future.)

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